Winterizing Your Mississippi Pool the Right Way

Winter is on the way. The holiday season is in full gear, and with it comes all of the amazing traditions of fall. However, there are some things lingering from summer that you must do to prepare for the cold weather. For instance, you need to get your pool ready for the freezing temperatures.

Pools are a huge investment in your house and your property. You need to take all of the necessary steps in order to assure that your pool will stay in great shape so that when summer rolls around again, you and your family can still enjoy it. These helpful tips will tell you how to winterize your Mississippi pool the right way.

1. Cleaning is Key

This first step is easy. Pools tend to build up large amounts of dirt and debris, be it on the waters surface or in the basket. It is vital to remove these before covering up your pool for the winter. Leaving the debris in your pool all winter could cause the water serious harm as algae and other nasty pathogens could taint your pool. Cleaning your pool very thoroughly is the very first step to successfully preparing your Mississippi pool for the winter.

2. Balance Your Chemicals

As most people know, pools require a certain amount and combination of chemicals to keep the water clean and safe to use. However, most may not know that before the winter season arrives, the chemical level of your pool must be balanced so that they do not damage your pool during the cold weather. Make sure to let all of your tablets dissolve all the way before covering the pool as they can damage the liner and the water during the cold months.

3. Cover Your Pump

Your pump is the heart of your pool. It circulates the water, keeping it clean and cool all summer long. With winter coming, take the necessary steps in order to prepare it for storage. Make sure you remove all of its plugs and most importantly, drain it completely. Any leftover water could freeze and damage the machine. Taking the time to do this right will keep your pump working for a long time and save you some cash.

4. Invest in the Right Cover

The cover is the most essential part of the winterizing process. It is the only thing separating your Mississippi pool from the cold temperatures El Nino will bring this year. When placing your cover on your pool, you need to check very carefully to see that there are no rips or tears and if they are then take the necessary steps to repair them or invest in a new cover. Covering your pool the right way is the most important step in successfully preparing your pool for winter.

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