Why Winter is the Best Time for New Pool Construction and Remodeling

The spring and summertime may seem like the ideal time of year to take on a pool construction project, but the cooler winter months are when you’ll be able to capitalize the most on your time and your budget.

 Why Winter is the Best Time for New Pool Construction and Remodeling | Aquapoolco Gulfport Mississippi1. Easier to Find The Best Contractors

The best contractors in the pool construction business are always busy during the summer months, meaning that they are often unavailable to build or remodel your pool. During the fall and winter, however, many of their clients have closed up their pools, making these pros available to make your dream pool project come true.


2. More Attention at a Lower Price

It’s all about supply and demand, and during the winter months, pool contractors and builders are far less busy with pool remodeling than during the warmer months. There are a number of benefits that come with contractors being more available to you:

  • Contractors have more time to spend with you on swimming pool design ideas
  • Many offer special rates to try and drum up business during the cooler months (and many building materials for pool construction are also on sale!)
  • Projects are completed more quickly as they have more time to devote to your project

Choosing to undergo a pool construction or pool remodeling project in the winter means greater potential savings, though even more importantly, more individualized attention which can result in a better quality pool.


3. Be Pool Ready for Spring

Inground pools in particular can be a time consuming project, sometimes taking weeks to complete. By starting your pool construction project in the winter months, you’re guaranteeing that the pool will be finished and ready for swimming when the warmer weather hits. Homeowners will have weeks to test out the pool and make any fixes or changes to their poolscape before the backyard barbeques and outdoor entertaining begins.

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