What’s Your Pool Shape Personality?

Round or rectangular? Freeform or geometric? Different pool shapes set a different tone and atmosphere. Depending on the outdoor living space you’re trying to create, your pool shape can either make or break your backyard’s ambiance.

What's Your Pool Shape Personality? | AquaPoolCo Above Ground Pools Gulport Mississippi

The “Round” Personality

Ideal For: Homeowners wanting to create a more organic and harmonic, lush outdoor living area

Smooth and natural, rounded pools such as oval shaped, kidney shaped pools and free form styles create a sense of relaxation. The curvy lines of these pools allow these lagoon-like waterways to create a contrast with their surroundings, and provide a more softer and creative look than many of the more rectangular designs.

The “Square” Personality

Ideal For: Homeowners who have an appreciation for modern aesthetics, or well-groomed minimalists who enjoy working within strictly defined spaces

Rectangular pool shapes are the most classic swimming pool design, and are suitable for almost any home and garden given that houses are also often rectilinear in shape. This shape of pool is also ideal for those who want to use their pool to swim laps. It’s simple, well defined, and depending on the features and finishes, can look incredibly modern and luxurious. It doesn’t even have to be a pool; a hot tub is a perfect alternative for those who want clean lines with the added therapeutic health benefits of a hot tub.

Combining the Elements

No one has to strictly be a “roundy” or a “squarey”.  In fact, most homeowners combine elements and pool shapes from both round and rectangular pools when creating their ideal pool. Taking inspiration from rectangular-shaped pools can provide guidance when building a pool for fitness, while incorporating freeform or rounded designs can allow you to creatively blend relaxation into that very same aquatic space. Take your time and consider what it is that you really want for your pool. Explore the many options available to you by perusing pool pictures and speaking with pool builders and contractors to uncover your true pool shape personality.

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