What is the Best Type of Pool for Small Backyards?

What is the Best Type of Pool for Small Backyards? | Aquapoolco Gulfport MississippiOutdoor living spaces are becoming a premium in this country, but this doesn’t mean that those with a smaller backyard can’t have their own private oasis. We’ll look at both pool types as well as pool sizes to help answer the question of what type of pool is best for smaller spaces:




What Type of Pool is Best?

When it comes to the material of an in ground pool, homeowners have three choices:

  • Concrete
  • Vinyl lined
  • Fiberglass

The problem with fiberglass is that because these pools are manufactured, homeowners don’t have a whole lot of leeway when it comes to swimming pool design.  Many fiberglass shapes may not be able to accommodate your smaller space, or the shape may not be complimentary to your outdoor living area.  For this reason, concrete, vinyl lined pools, or even above ground pools are likely a better choice as they can be built in a variety of pool sizes and depths.

Don’t Rule Out the Spa!

Despite being short on space, homeowners with smaller yards need not completely rule out spas and hot tubs. Pool designers have become quite clever in incorporating spas into smaller pool designs, or consider jumping in on the “spool” trend (a spa/pool hybrid design)!

What Swimming Pool Design is Best?

Pool sizes and designs really depend on the preference of the homeowner and the shape of the backyard.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • Rectangular-shaped pools allow homeowners to capitalize on space (ideal for serious swimmers)
  • Curvy pools (i.e. kidney shaped pools and free-form pools) will result in a loss of water space, but allow for greater decking space

Also keep in mind when considering pool sizes and designs that a minimum of 7 feet of decking is necessary for mixing and mingling, with more space required if you plan on including tables, chairs, and more.

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