Tips for Maintaining Your Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool

Your yard is an extension of your home. You decorate it, you cut it and you maintain it, and you and your family spend time on it. If you are in the market to get an above ground pool for your yard and property, then there are some things you should probably look into first. Above ground pools are a cheaper alternative to ground based pools and can fit in different sized yards more effectively.

When you make the purchase of a pool, you need to know all of the things you can do to help maintain your investment. Here of some helpful tips to keep in mind in regards to maintaining your new above ground pool in Mississippi.

1. Surfaces and Basket Cleaning

The very first thing to do for your new above ground pool is to take care of some surface cleaning. Regularly clean out the leaves and foliage from the top of your pool. Doing this every few days or so will help keep your water clean and algae free, Also, make sure to clean out your pool’s basket often to avoid its contents backing up and flowing back into your clean pool.

2. Check Your Filter Often

The filter is the beating, living heart of your pool. It is the centerpiece that circulates your water, keeping it fresh and clean all season long. Filters require regular maintenance to ensure that dirt and debris do not build up and send it into disrepair. That is not an easy or a cheap fix. Making sure your filter is maintained regularly will not only save you money but it will also keep your pool in perfect condition.

3. Maintain Chemical Levels

All pools require a certain mix of chemicals to keep the water safe to swim in. pH levels, alkalinity, chlorine and calcium are just some of the things used to keep the chemical levels of your pool safe. Every so often, have your pool supplier check the levels of your pool’s chemicals so that your new pool does not become infested with algae and other harmful things of this nature.

4. Winterize it Right

Even in Mississippi, it is critical you winterize your above ground pool. Leftover water can freeze pipes and cause significant damage to your property. The process of preparing your pool for winter is fairly easy and inexpensive. Your pool supplier will help you through the process so that your pool is safe all winter and, most importantly, is ready to be reopened when summer rolls around again.

If you are thinking about installing an above ground pool or want more information on these helpful tips, please visit our website and contact us today.

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