Things to Know About Pool Safety

Summer is quickly approaching every state, and for those of us in Mississippi, we’re already relaxing by the pool on warm evenings. As a responsible pool owner, it’s imperative you make your pool as safe as possible.

Here at Aqua Pool Co., we believe safe pool users are happy pool users. Above ground pool safety rules are just as important as safety rules for in-ground pools. Here are some of the most important tips for making your Gulfport above ground pool as safe as possible. The more time you spend ensuring your pool is safe and secure now, the less you need to worry about your family of swimmers!


Above Ground Pool Fencing

 Though not every state requires it by law, all pools need fencing installed—even above ground pools. Fencing should be installed along the stairs leading up to the swim platform as well as around the pool’s top edge. Installing fencing will greatly improve above ground pool safety for swimmers of all ages as well as both your pets and the wildlife in your yard. Above ground pool fences can thankfully add to the overall look of your pool as well.


Steps and Ladders

 All above ground pools must, of course, be equipped with a ladder so that safely getting in and out of the pool is a possibility for everyone. You can take your Gulfport above ground pool safety a step further by installing hand rails and stair rails to protect against slipping. There are many different types of ladders and stairs to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the best option for your above ground pool, whether that be drop-in steps or a simple A-frame ladder.


Teach the Pool Rules

 Make sure that anyone getting into the pool is able to swim, and is well aware of the rules of the pool. Enrolling your child in swim lessons is a great way to make sure they understand water safety. However, you should remember that above ground pool safety requires extra caution in areas that don’t apply to in ground pools that children may be used to swimming in. For example, everyone needs to be reminded not to walk around or sit on the edge of an above ground pool, as they could fall and cause injury to themselves or damage the pool due to improper use.

Sometimes, though, everyone needs a reminder of the rules. You can purchase signs that say “No Diving” or “No Sitting” so that everyone using your Gulfport above ground pool is aware of the rules at all times.


Contact Aqua Pool Co. Today

 A Gulfport above ground pool can add a lot of character to your Mississippi backyard and serve as a site for invaluable family bonding. If you have any questions about ways to improve your above ground pool safety, fill out our online form today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about pool equipment or chemicals to prep your pool safety in time for summer!

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