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There are a variety of pool cleaners on the market, so it’s important to find the one that will work best for you. Understanding what options are out there is the first step.

Automatic Pressure-Side Cleaners function from water pressure coming from a pump, whether it is your main circulation pump or a dedicated booster pump. The pressure forces the pump to move around the pool and pick up debris into the attached bag. There are a few pros and cons to the pressure-side cleaner — because of an attached bag, the cleaner doesn’t suck debris into your filter or pump basket, however, because of the attached bag, it cannot filter small particles. So while this cleaner would be ideal if your pool is surrounded by trees, it may not be the best if you  want to pick up smaller debris.

Automatic Suction-Side Cleaners rely on suction to move around the pool and vacuum debris off the pool floor. These kinds of cleaners also have the ability to scrub the walls, reducing the amount of time you would spend during the week brushing the pool. Because this cleaner suctions debris into the filter, it can cause the filter to get dirty rather quickly, so it’s imperative that it is cleaned often to get rid of everything that the cleaners sucks up when it vacuums.

Robotic Cleaners rely on the electronic motors inside the unit to power the cleaner so it can vacuum debris into its own filter through a separate pump. This type of cleaner is best used for pools that don’t attract large debris, like leaves. And it is the only type of cleaner that scrubs walls, as well as tile lines.

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