The Long Term Benefits of Pool Exercise

Aquatic exercise has long been touted as being the most ideal form of exercise. Water provides just the right amount of natural resistance for swimmers and pool goers of all ages and stages, from the young and fit to the older and injured.  Whether swimming laps in your lap pool or performing aqua aerobics in your lagoon-inspired backyard oasis, these are just some of the long term benefits you can enjoy thanks to exercising in your pool:

The Long Term Benefits of Pool Exercise  | Aquapoolco Plus Gulfport MS

Better Endurance and Flexibility

Muscular endurance is a term used to describe your muscle’s ability to perform lengthy or strenuous work without growing tired.  Working out in the lap pool for even as little as 3 times a week can significantly improve your muscular endurance, no matter how old you may be. You’ll be able to keep moving for longer and, due to your strengthened muscles, be able to better avoid injury.

Improved Weight Management

Homeowners who turn their backyard oasis into a place to both work and play enjoy long term and sustainable weight loss.  Hitting the water a few times a week and even for as little as 10 to 20 minutes each session can have you burning some serious calories. To put it in perspective, for every 10 minutes of freestyle swimming you can burn up to 100 calories.


Drastically Increased Cardiovascular Fitness and Overall Health

Every time you get moving in the pool you’re giving yourself a full body workout. Swimming and other aquatic exercises use the majority of you large muscles and several of your ones, unlike most other activities which target specific muscle groups.  This increases the body’s oxygen requirements, which, with regular pool exercise, strengths your respiratory muscles, boosts your lung function, increases the elasticity of your blood vessels and makes your heart stronger.

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