The Importance of Regular Water Testing

Once your above ground pool is installed, the fun can officially begin. You can finally make a splash to escape the Mississippi heat or relax with your family during a pool-side barbeque. Owning a pool makes life so much more enjoyable.

As a new pool owner, one of your natural instincts is to give your pool the proper care to ensure that it serves your family well for many years. There are all kinds of great technologies to help you do that, but the most important thing that you can do to take care of your pool is to make sure that the chemical quantities remain adequate and balanced by testing your water.


The tools and solutions that you need to test the water and replenish the chemicals can be purchased at your local Gulfport pool supply store. Here, you can learn more information on the importance of regular water testing.


Keep Your Pool Safe

One of the biggest reasons why water testing is so important is because the chemical solutions that are used in pools are necessary to keep your water safe—but they must be used in the correct quantities. Your pH numbers should remain balanced, regardless of having a salt water filtration system or one that is based off of chlorine to treat the water. If the balance is incorrect, the concentration will not be enough to destroy the dangerous bacteria and germs that can thrive in untreated water. Failing to test your pool water on a regular basis could leave your family vulnerable.


Keep Swimming Comfortable

As previously discussed, it is very important to have your chemical solutions in just the right quantities when treating your pool. You do not want too little of a concentration, but you also do not want too much. Having a high concentration of pool chemicals in your water can make it very uncomfortable to swim. Swimmers could find their eyes or skin burning with irritation from excess chemicals if they swim in unchecked water.


Early Wear of Your Pool

A chemical imbalance is not only potentially harmful to swimmers, such as your friends and family, but it is also harmful to your pool. Chemical solutions that are used in unnecessary quantities could lead to the corrosion of your pool liner, pump and filtration systems. If you are hoping to have a Gulfport above ground pool that will last your family for many years, be sure to check your water on a regular basis.


Gulfport Pool Supply Store

Everything that you will need to keep your pool safe, comfortable and lasting you for many years can be found at your local Gulfport pool supply store. Our staff boasts over 50 years of combined experience in pool maintenance, and we provide water testing, advice and consultations to our customers absolutely free. If we do not have what you need for your above ground pool, we would be happy to order it, and you’ll have it in just a couple of days. If you would like more information on maintaining your Gulfport above ground pool, visit our swimming pool supplies page or contact a representative with Aqua Pool Co. today.


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