The Common Causes of Swimming Pool Leaks

The Common Causes of  Swimming Pool Leaks | Aquapoolco Plus Above Ground Pools Gulfport Mississippi

Finding yourself regularly refilling your pool? Or maybe there’s that one mysterious damp spot that’s been growing in your yard. These are two telling signs that may indicate that you have a pool leak, but before you call a pool maintenance company, you can begin to do some investigative work on your own and determine what’s causing the leak and what level of repairs may be required.

1. The Pool’s Plumbing

A leak in the pool’s plumbing system is the most common area for a pool leak to spring.  The first areas to check out: your pool’s pump and filter.  You can confirm your suspicions by seeing if there are puddles or damp areas around these components. Oftentimes the leak is a result of a worn out plumbing connection which can be replaced by a pool owner and not need to be done by a pool maintenance company.

If those two components prove to not be the culprits behind your leaks, then be sure to look over every connection that’s part of the plumbing system. Still no signs?  Then be sure to look at any water features or your pool’s autofill system, and check for drips, puddles, and dampness.


2. The Pool’s Foundation

Owners of above ground pools can spot leaks in the shell of their pool almost immediately, but in-ground pools can be harder to detect. Large leaks are typically indicated by spongy or wet areas in the yard, though smaller leaks can be hard to detect and find. If you suspect a pool leak and haven’t been able to fix the problem yourself, be sure to call a pool maintenance and repair company as soon as possible. If left unchecked, that leak – no matter how big or small – can wreak havoc on your pool and outdoor living area and result in costly repairs.

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