The Best Features for Your Mississippi Family Pool

The summer months on the Gulf Coast are sweltering, driving many to seek relief in the water. Though the Gulf Coast beaches are beautiful, it is not always convenient to travel to the shore. Public pools also fall short of meeting the needs of many families. There is only one solution: you need an above ground pool in your Gulfport area backyard.

Owning a family pool offers hours and hours of fun, as well as new options for entertaining guests. Above ground pools are economical and very beautiful. Building your pool will add memories in your life and value to your property. If you are hoping to get your project started soon, it is a great idea to review current trends and great features so that you can have a pool that leaves nothing to be desired. Here are some of the best features available for your Mississippi pool.


A Functional Deck

Your above ground pool is capable of functioning well standing alone, but having a deck to enclose your pool will bring the space to the next level. There are so many ways that you will be able to use your deck, from relaxing on a warm day to entertaining your friends and family members at summer barbeques. Swimming pool decks can be customized to meet all needs and design desires. Your deck can be any shape around your pool, any color and any size. Having a deck can also give the illusion of an expensive in-ground swimming pool at just a fraction of the cost.


An Outdoor Kitchen

Completed outdoor spaces are trending with Mississippi homeowners. These often include barbeque areas or outdoor kitchens. If you plan to use your pool space for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a summer day as a family, adding a feature to cook a good meal is worth your consideration. Not only is cooking outdoors a lot of fun, but these elements will save you time and trips between your pool and your indoor kitchen.



Make sure that you incorporate lighting into your pool area. You can have lights around your pool, streaming above your deck or lighting up the water of the pool. Light brings warmth and cheer to your outdoor spaces when you are using the pool at night. Light also makes swimming in the late evening hours much more enjoyable.


Ecologically Friendly Features

Many are moving towards products that are more ecologically friendly. These features, such as water filtration pumps and self-cleaning tools, can save you some money long-term. They are also much better for the environment than elements that were used in the past.



Once you have decided on a plan to build your above ground swimming pool, pick out a few games so that your family and guests can have even more fun while enjoying your pool. Pool volleyball is a huge hit that families across the state are enjoying.


Get an Above Ground Pool

If you would like more information on how you can get an above ground pool in Gulfport, visit our above ground pools page or contact a representative with Aqua Pool Co. today.

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