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As the summer season approaches, many of you may be looking to get a backyard swimming pool. As you meet with a pool builder or if you come in our store to talk about above ground pool options, you may become overwhelmed with all the swimming pool terminology. We at Aqua Pool Co. want to be a resource for our customers so you are comfortable when building, purchasing or maintaining your pool or spa.  We found a great article from Better Homes and Gardens that discusses the basic pool and spa terms you may hear and wanted to pass along the information!

Pump and Motor
The motor drives the pump which circulates the water from the pool through the filtration system — including skimmer baskets, filter, heater and automatic chlorinator — and returns the water to the pool.

Skimmer Baskets
As water is drawn to the filtration system it first passes through skimmer baskets, located at the perimeter of the pool, to catch large debris such as leaves and twigs.

The filter cleans the pool of fine particles. There are three basic types of filters available on the market.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE)
DE filters are fine mesh that has been coated with diatomaceous earth. Although these filters are organic, some areas restrict disposal of DE, which is done each time the filter is cleaned or backwashed.

Sand Filters
This filter forces the pool water to pass through a fine sand which filters particles from the water. The sand needs to be replaced every few years.

Cartridge Filters
These pass the pool water through a series of grid-like devices made of a pleated mesh material.

They heat the pool water. Although common in cooler climates to extend the pool season, they are also popular in warmer climates for the comfort.

Ladders and Safety Equipment
Ladders provide an exit from the pool and are typically located at the opposite end from the pool steps.

Pool Float
A pool float is a line which crosses the pool at the point where the depth changes.

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