Summer Splashback: Top Pool Games from the 90’s

best pool games of the 90'sAhh, summer in the 90’s. The Spin Doctors were on the radio, Luke Perry was everyone’s favorite bad boy, and Z Cavaricci’s were just the absolute coolest. But when it came time to hit the pool, kids could just be kids again. If you were a kid in the 90’s, you probably remember these pool games. Leave us a comment telling us which was your favorite!


To play Categories, everyone had to choose a leader first. The leader was sent to one end of the pool and the players gathered in the water on the opposite side. The leader would choose a category, like “colors” or “actors” and shout the category down to the players. The leader then covered his/her ears while the players discussed their choices. Each player chose their own answer to the category and shared it with the others. When everyone was ready they would signal to the leader to begin. The leader would then call out answers to the category. When he/she called out an answer that someone has chosen, that player and the leader would race to the opposite side. Whoever won got to be the leader for the next round. This could go on all day, and often did!

Sharks and Minnows

The person designated as the shark would stand in the middle of the pool with his eyes closed. The other players would gather at the opposite wall. Every minnow had to touch the wall. The shark would close his eyes and call out a category. The minnows would decide on their choices quietly. Sometimes more than one minnow would make the same choice. For example, if the category was colors, maybe three minnows would choose pink. This was ok. The shark would call out different choices. If a minnow’s choice was called they would have to swim as quietly as possible to the other side. If the shark heard them, he could open his eyes and try to catch them. If a minnow was caught, they would have to be the shark. The game would continue this way until the next adult swim was called or until mom brought out the lunch.

Marco Polo

While certainly not limited to the 90’s, Marco Polo was always an old reliable. Kids of all ages and swim abilities could play it and you didn’t need any props. The person that was “it” stood in the middle of the pool with her eyes closed. She would call out “Marco!” and the other swimmers (who would be circling around her in the water) would call out “Polo!” in response. She would try to tag one of the other swimmers without opening her eyes. The first person tagged would be it and the game would start again. Sometimes, to change things up a bit, the tagged swimmers would join the “it” person instead of replacing them, calling out “Marco” with their eyes closed trying to tag more people together. This made the game more exciting because there were more “Marco’s” that you had to escape.

When everyone had their fill of pool games, it was time to towel off and run home in time to catch the latest episode of Full House. Yikes. So maybe not everything about growing up in the 90’s was great, but those days in the pool were unforgettable. Why not relive those Wonder Years (remember that one?) by teaching your favorite pool games to your kids this weekend?

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