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We are getting nice enough weather to now be able to enjoy our hot tubs and spas! Check out these tips from Live Strong on spa maintenance.

Whether you think of your home spa as a relaxing oasis, a therapeutic retreat or the neighborhood party tub, proper maintenance will keep the spa running smoothly. Proper maintenance also insures that your spa remains a healthy place to relax. An improperly maintained spa suffers from poor water quality and can harbor harmful bacteria.


The warm water that makes a spa so pleasant to soak in also provides the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. Use a disinfectant to kill bacteria. Disinfectants also help to break down organic matter such as dirt and oil from the skin, and keep the water cleaner. The two most commonly used disinfectants used in spas are chlorine and bromine. Use granules or tablets to dispense the disinfectant over time in the spa.

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Even with regular disinfectant use, levels of chemicals known as chloramines or bromamines, by-products of the disinfectants, can build up in the spa water. These by-products make the disinfectants less effective. Applying a higher than usual level of chlorine to the water once a week dissipates these by-products. The public health department of Seattle and King County, Washington, recommends “shocking” your spa once a week.


Test your spa at least once a week to verify that you are maintaining the correct amount of disinfectant. You should also test the pH of your water. A pH that’s too high or low limits the effectiveness of your disinfectant, and a pH that’s too low can lead to corrosion of your spa’s metal parts. If your pH is too high, the water will be cloudy and may irritate your skin and eyes. The Centers for Disease Control recommends maintaining a pH of 7.2 and 7.6. You should also test the water’s alkalinity and dissolved solids. Pool and recommends maintaining alkalinity between 100 and 120.

Change Filters

Your spa uses one or more filters to filter out hair, dirt and particles of debris. This not only keeps the water in the spa cleaner, it protects the spa’s pumps from damage from this material. Clean your spa’s filters regularly and replace them when they become worn or dirty. Doing so will keep your spa water cleaner and will extend the life of your spa.

Change the Water

Even with regular use of disinfectants and changing filters, the water in your spa will eventually become cloudy and dirty. You’ll need to drain the tub, clean it and refill with fresh water. Pool and recommends changing the water in your spa every eight to 12 weeks, depending on how often you use it.


Oils and dirt can build up on the surface of the spa. Clean these surfaces with a mild soap and water and a soft cloth. Don’t use any kind of abrasive cleaner. For stubborn stains, try a little baking soda sprinkled on a soft cloth.


Cover your spa when you’re not using it to help to maintain the heat and to keep out debris. Remove the cover and set it aside before you soak in the spa. Don’t set heavy objects on top of the cover, and don’t let water or ice accumulate on the cover, since the weight could warp or damage the cover. You can use a cleaner designed to protect car dashes or upholstery to clean and protect your spa cover.

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