Smart Pool Heating for a Longer Pool Season

Family of four posing on a float in the pool.

If you are like many pool owners, you may probably dread the approach of the fall as it signifies the end of pool season. Those carefree days and fun-filled evenings in the pool don’t have to be over until next summer! For those that want more time to enjoy their pool this year, check out these great pool heating ideas.

One of These Options Maybe Right for You:

  • Solar Pool Covers
  • Energy Efficient Heaters
  • Solar Pool Heaters

A rectangular pool with automatic solar cover.

Solar Pool Covers

The first great option is to use a solar pool cover. Available in shapes and sizes to fit any pool, a solar pool cover uses the heat of the sun to warm pool water during the day and traps that heat in overnight. With a minimal initial expense and no recurring energy cost, solar pool covers provide a simple and affordable way to extend your pool season. Simply keep the pool covered when not in use, and enjoy the benefits of a warmer pool when you swim!

Energy Efficient Heaters

Traditional pool heaters increase the temperature of your pool’s water, but can create an unwelcome surprise on your energy bill. The new breed of energy efficient heaters offer the same pool heating capabilities at a fraction of the energy cost. Easily installed by a professional pool company, energy efficient pool heaters keep your pool at the perfect temperature for family enjoyment even when the temperature drops below swimming weather! Who’s up for another few weeks of swimming fun?!

Solar Pool Heaters

By utilizing the heat of the sun, solar pool heaters bring your pool water to comfortable temperatures. Imagine, with just one investment, you can enjoy a heated pool anytime without paying a dime on your energy bill! The perfect addition to any pool, solar pool heating can typically keep your pool’s water in the low to mid 80’s. Use your pool year round, or at least for a longer period than you are used to.

Using these cost effective pool heating methods, you can enjoy your pool  longer while being ecologically responsible! So squeeze a few extra weeks (or longer!) out of the season and get more use out of your pool. Install a solar cover, energy efficient heater, or solar pool heater today!

For more great ways to live the pool and spa life, visit the experts at AquaPoolCo! Our friendly staff can help you choose the pool, spa, or accessories you need to enjoy life in the water!


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