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Owning a backyard pool can be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made. It brings your family together and creates a hot vacation spot in your own backyard. While swimming pools and spas are great for your lifestyle, they do require water care maintenance. With the right knowledge, taking care of your pool can be a breeze.

Stop by and see us at Aqua Pool Co any time you need pool chemical balance and sanitation help. In the meantime, brush up on these important terms from Better Homes and Gardens to make maintaining your pool a lot easier.


Chlorine and bromine are the most common chemicals used to sanitize — or keep your pool free from microscopic particles. Other sanitizers such as chlorine generators and oxidizers are also available.


Balanced water means the pool water’s pH level, total alkalinity, water hardness and total dissolved solids fall within certain ranges. Imbalanced water causes eye irritation, cloudy water, and can spell trouble for your pool’s operation equipment and your interior finish. Sodium bicarbonate (soda ash) and muratic acid are the two most common products used to balance pool water.


Pool water needs to be tested regularly. The frequency depends on your region, weather conditions, and how much the pool gets used, although a good rule of thumb is four to five times per week.

Testing Kits

Don’t worry if chemistry was not your best subject in high school. Simple to use and read, test kits make it easy to test your pool water.


It is occasionally necessary to add high doses of sanitizers. Heavy rains, unusually high temperatures and heavy usage create the need for shocking.

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