Pool Toys You Can’t Live Without

When those hot months in mid-summer start rolling by, you will appreciate your Gulfport area pool all the more. While having a pool is the ultimate way to lean back and relax, it often helps to have a few pool toys for children on hand to add some extra fun to your family’s casual pool experience. Available at Aqua Pool Co., these simple additions could really benefit your home’s pool or hot tub, and we have included a few down below to give you a taste of what you could have.

Try Out Our Masks and Goggles

Diving underwater with goggles is one of those timeless activities that all children enjoy. Not all kids are made the same, however, so it’s important to have a good variety of masks from which to choose. Aqua Pool Co. offers a wide range of selections in all sorts of shapes and sizes to accommodate any child. We also make sure to stock brands selected for their safety since we all know how negatively excessive exposure to chlorine can affect your children’s eyes.


Dive After Treasure

With your new mask or pair of goggles, you can take advantage of an entire line of old-fashioned pool toys for children that you can throw in the pool and dive in after to hunt. How you choose to play with these many different accessories is up to you and your family, and you might quickly find that a little creativity can often lead to some quite memorable afternoons outside. If you have something specific in mind, let us know at Aqua Pool Co. We are sure to have something for you.


Play a Few Sports

Many sports are fun enough on their own, but some are perfectly suited to the pool and can lead to some great games. Aqua Pool Co. offers a variety of miniature volleyball and basketball fixtures that will quickly become the highlight of your pool, and if you have other kids over for a party, you are sure to watch your children spend hours of enjoyment challenging each other to safe pool games. Our volleyball nets and basketball hoops are also affordable and easy to set up, so you don’t even have to deal with the stress of building a complicated structure onto your pool.


Lounge on High Quality Rafts

If games of basketball and volleyball with your children are little too high energy for you, rest assured that Aqua Pool Co. also supplies several high quality rafts and floats that all of your children can definitely enjoy. If you decide to jump in after them and recline on an oversized raft yourself, we don’t blame you.


Browse Other Pool Toys for Children and Gulfport Pool Supplies

Aqua Pool Co. in Gulfport, Mississippi offers many other pool toys for children—as well as other necessary Gulfport pool supplies—so if you have something else in mind, odds are that you will find it in our storerooms. If you’re interested in hearing more or even if you have other general pool or hot tub questions, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with a representative at Aqua Pool Co. today to see how we can help you!

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