Pool Maintenance in Mississippi: Saltwater Pools vs Chlorinated Pools

bond beam, AquaPoolCoWhen it comes to pool water, there’s one question that every new pool owner – and sometimes novice owners – ask: should we invest in a salt water pool?  Or should we choose chlorine to keep our pool water clean?  We’re going to lay out the advantages of both so that you can choose what’s best for you and your pool:

Why Pool Owners Choose Salt Water Pools

One common misconception about this type of poo is that swimmers will emerge feeling exactly as if they’ve exited the ocean.  The water, despite being a salt water pool, isn’t actually salty as you may expect it to be. That said, there are a number of advantages that come with having a salt water pool, though the three most attractive to pool owners are:

  1. Less maintenance than a chlorine pool
  2. Lower overall cost
  3. Less harmful chemicals

In today’s world, there’s a large draw for people to choose a more “natural” approach to almost everything in life, which is partially why salt water pools are increasing in popularity.  It’s safer on our skin and hair than chlorine, but do be warned: it will initially be more harsh on you wallet as these systems can cost $1000 to $5000 more to set up than a chlorine pool.

Why Pool Owners Choose Chlorine Water Pools

Despite the rise in popularity of the salt water pool, chlorine pools are still the most popular.  Not only are these systems better at clearing up bacteria than saltwater systems, but they also work more quickly (compare 24 to 48 hours versus 5 days).  They’re also extremely easy to operate (i.e. a pool owner only needs to add a tablet to the system) and every pool maintenance company knows how to clean and troubleshoot a chlorine pool water system.

The system you choose really depends on your lifestyle and what you expect to get out of your pool.  When in doubt, consult a pool builder or maintenance occupancy for further guidance so that you can choose the best pool water system for you.

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