Pool Gear You Can’t Live Without

Having a pool is one of those great luxuries you never really appreciate until it’s the middle of July, and you’re in need of a way to kick back and cool off. Just having a pool, however, is only half the battle if you’re trying to relax this summer. For a truly great time, you will need the right Gulfport pool supplies and accessories, and the following list from Aqua Pool Co. includes many of those items you know and love—all of which are designed to take your pool experience to the next level.


Drift Away on a Nice Raft or Float

If you ever take a second out of your day to imagine yourself enjoying your pool, what’s almost always included in the mental image? A raft, of course. Think about it. There’s no point in having a pool if you can’t float away on the water courtesy of a nice oversized raft or other floatation device, preferably with cup holders and arm rests. It’s the staple of pool relaxation, and Aqua Pool Co. has all sorts of brands and models to give you some variety the next time you decide to lounge out on the water.


Take a Dive with Goggles and Masks

 Just as much fun as chilling on the water is exploring underwater, and we can help with a nice collection of goggles and masks. We can also offer a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any head and keep the sting of chlorine out of your eyes as you hold your breath and head straight to the bottom of the pool. The question is, though, what exactly are you going to find down there?


Enjoy Some Old-Fashioned Children’s Toys

We offer a full selection of children’s toys that will go great with a pair of goggles. Throw some of them into the pool and dive down to retrieve them. You can at least make quite a game out of it with your friends. Want other options? It’s totally up to you. We can provide you with any number of old-fashioned children’s toys to make your next pool excursion a fun one.


Play a Game of Pool Basketball or Volleyball

These are pretty classic purchases, wouldn’t you say? If you have kids or other rambunctious family members, having a mini-basketball goal or volleyball net set up can turn a simple, boring pool into the nerve center of your next pool party. These tend to be pretty cheap and easy to build, but they go a long way to providing you that little extra entertainment you may need if you’re having people over. There’s a reason these have been around so long, right?


Want More Gulfport Pool Supplies?

If you’re still curious to know what other accessories you can throw into your pool to liven things up, don’t hesitate to reach out to Aqua Pool Co. today to see what other Gulfport pool supplies and amenities might be available. There’s several options out there if you’re willing to look, so don’t settle for the standard, run of the mill pool. Call today!


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