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There are many factors to take into consideration when planning for a pool. To continue the series from Better Homes and Gardens, let’s look at what you need to prepare for when considering a backyard pool.

The cost for pool chemicals averages between $50 and $100 per month depending on your climate, pool size and frequency of use. Above-ground pools of a similar size will cost the same as in-ground counterparts.

Opening and Closing A Pool
Hiring a professional to open and close your pool each season will run approximately $150-$300. Cleaning and storing your pool cover is usually additional.

The largest maintenance expense is a pool’s interior finish. Vinyl liners last approximately 5-7 years, painted concrete needs a new coat approximately every five years; a plaster finish may last 10-15 years. Many of the new cement-coated products such as Pebble Tec are meant to last a lifetime.

Pool Equipment
Equipment lifespans vary tremendously by brand and quality. Other elements such as proper water chemistry and location of equipment can affect lifespan. Because pumps are made to push water rather than draw water, pumps placed at pool level often last longer than those that sit higher and have to pump harder.

While utility bills do increase during a pool’s open season, experts disagree on how to manage the increase.

The cost of pool ownership is important as you decide what route you’d like to go. We welcome you to visit Aqua Pool Co and speak with our helpful staff. We are here to help you, and would love to assist you in your decision. You can trust the knowledge and friendly staff at Aqua Pool Co.

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