Pergola Plants: Backyard Living Tips from Your Mississippi Swimming Pool Experts

We love climbing, flowering plants for pergola covers. When choosing your outdoor living landscaping, consider these plants for their beautiful, fragrant flowers, their natural shade, and year round color. As an added bonus, they are all native to the gulf coast and are easy to maintain. Careful though- some will happily take over if you let them!

(Pictures courtesy of Texas A&M’s Aggie Horticulture website.)


climbing vines for austin landscaping
Texas Clematis

China Blue Vine – With elegant purple seed pods, pleasant fragrance and waxy leaves, the China Blue Vine is good climber for gulf coast landscaping. 

Star Jasmine – This woody climber is much loved for its dark green leaves, fragrant white flowers and year round color.

Evergreen Clematis – As the names suggests, this climber is evergreen. And if you plant a few varieties with different flowering times, you can achieve vibrant color from late winter through to late fall.

Climbing Hydrangea – The climbers can grow to over 50 feet and make a good covering for a pergola or arbor. They flower in early summer and have beautiful yellow leaves in the fall. When using in Mississippi landscaping, they’ll typically do best in shaded areas or in partial sun.

Cross Vine – An evergreen woody climber, cross vine blooms gold-orange flowers from March til May.

climbing cross vine for austin landscaping
Cross Vine

Coral Honeysuckle – This is a glossy green climbing vine with fragrant flowers that bloom in spring, fall and even during warmer winters. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Carolina Jessamine – This fast growing climber produces fragrant yellow flowers in early spring.

Cypress Vine – This is a hummingbird favorite and, with tiny red flowers and wispy, fern-like leaves, we quite like it too. It’s ideal for training on arbors or pergolas and well suited for Mississippi gulf coast landscaping.

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