Keep Your Pool Extra Safe With These Pool Safety Features


When it comes to pool accessories, safety features need to be a top priority.  From keeping children and pets safe to even reducing the amount of maintenance you need to perform on your pool, all outdoor living spaces can benefit from these top pool safety features.

Pool Cover
A properly installed firm top pool cover is the best way to keep children, pets, and wildlife safe and out of your pool.  Often referred to as pool safety covers, these covers are year-round pool covers that are able to support any weight, meaning that children or animals who may crawl on top of the cover won’t instantly sink and become entrapped in it.  Other benefits of a pool cover:

  • Reduced water evaporation
  • Reduced heating expenses
  • Significantly less debris
  • A pool that stays chemically balanced for longer and requires less maintenance

Drain Covers
Every year a story hits the news about a child unnecessary becoming entrapped in a drain and being seriously injured or losing his or her life.  Having a drain cover properly installed will keep smaller swimmers safe and protected from your pool’s powerful suction.

Any pool or spa outdoor living spaces must be contained within an closed area, such as a fence.  Even small backyard ideas can include attractive fencing options that will compliment their landscaping and the architecture of their home.  When planning your enclosure, remember:

  • The enclosure should include a self-closing and self-latching gate
  • The height of the fence must meet municipal code requirements (this may vary from county to county), though a minimum height of 5 feet is ideal
  • Enclosures do not replace the need for adult supervision

There are a number of pool accessories designed to make your enclosed area even safer, such as gate alarm and water motion detectors.


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Use Your Noodle! 5 Fun Pool Games for the Family

Mississippi Backyard Living Idea: Fun with Pool NoodlesFamily fun pools are where fantastic memories are created. We have some great games that we’ve heard about and have played with our own families, and we hope that your friends and family enjoy them too.

Catch the Swimmer
For this ring toss style of game, noodle owners can turn their pool noodles into a “ring” shape and then attempt to “catch” someone in the pool by tossing a ring over his or her head, arm, leg, or any other body part.

MAKING A NOODLE RING: Take a toilet paper tube and cut it lengthwise. Roll it up and insert it into the hollow of your pool noodle. Attach the other end of the noodle to form a ring, secure it with duct tape, and you’re set!

Go Fish
One player, with his or her eyes closed, stands in the pool or sits on the edge of the pool and holds the noodle so that it’s touching the water. Once the one player with the noodle pole shouts, “Gone Fishin’!” , the other players will dash, splash and swim around, attempting to avoid the one players’ moving noodle. When the fisherman calls, “Got a fish!” after tapping a player with the noodle, that player then becomes the new fisherman.

The Pool Noodle Limbo
This game is for the avid divers in your group. Two people will start off by holding the pool noodle straight on the surface of the water with divers diving beneath it. With each successful group of divers the pool noodle will be gradually pushed lower, forcing the divers to dive lower and lower to swim underneath it. The person who dives the deepest wins!

Chicken Noodle
Much like the classic chicken fight pool game, the goal of this game in family fun pools is to knock your opponent off of his or her noodle. Both players can straddle or sit upon the noodle anyway they see fit and then work to knock the other player off balance. Whoever stays on the longest wins!

The Noodle Paddle
In this game, players lay on their noodles as they would a surfboard and then attempt to paddle themselves across the water using only their arms while still staying balanced. Whoever makes it to the other end first is the winner!

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Basic Guide to Finding Your Perfect Pool Decking

The backyard deck that we grew up with around the pool was likely made of standard poured concrete, but the pool decks of today come in a wide range of materials, colors and textures, allowing you to create the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted. Laid out below are 5 backyard deck options including their comparative cost and what outdoor living space they may be most appropriate for:

Basic Guide to Finding Your Perfect Pool Decking | Aquapoolco Gulfport MS


Cost: $

Poured concrete is a popular choice for ultra sleek and chic modern pools, though many are also taking advantage of tinted concrete options and stamped concrete.  One of the most popular today: exposed aggregate which gives your pool deck some added shimmer and diversity. This type of backyard deck works well with almost any outdoor living space, though is very common in tropical backyard oasis settings.



Cost $

Coming in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, pavers are a popular option because they are:

a) Incredibly attractive; and

b) Not prone to cracking as concrete is

Pavers are an economical choice for creating a unique outdoor living space given their diversity and engaging visual appeal, and can work well in almost any outdoor setting.



Cost: $$

Though less common today than it was a in the past century, brick is still one of the most attractive options for a number of homes today.  Homes that include brick elements in its architecture, for example, are perfect contenders for this type of deck.



Cost: $$-$$$

Depending on the type of wood chosen, homeowners can spend an extraordinary amount for their wood deck.  Exotic hardwood decks such as ipe are on trend this year, however keep in mind that these highly attractive decks not only come with a steep price, but with a lot of maintenance in order to look their best.



Cost: $$$

A stone backyard deck is usually laid into a poured concrete slab or they may be embedded in larger flagstones.  Stone is an attractive option for custom pools because of the wide range of options available and the material’s ability to absorb excessive heat.

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Pool Chemical Safety and Handling Tips

Pool water products are no joke, especially when it comes to the potential hazards that they pose.  Extremely potent and able to cause injury or even death within seconds, part of every homeowner’s regular pool maintenance routine must also include the proper handling and storage of dangerous chemicals for their pool and spa.

Pool Chemical Safety and Handling Tips | Aquapoolco Gulfport MS

Handling Pool Water Products and Chemicals

Always Read the Label: Even if the product is one that you’ve been using for years, manufacturers often change the ingredients of their products, which may warrant for some extra caution or changes in use to be made.
Wear Protective Clothing: Pool water products should only be handled when wearing gloves and preferably long sleeves and pants to protect your skin from potential contact. Some may also warrant face masks due to strong odor.

One Cup Per Chemical: Designate one measuring cup for each chemical and never use the same cup for another chemical.  Make sure that the measuring cups are also made of plastic or metal and not wood
Add Chemicals to Water: Homeowners should never, ever add water to a chemical unless instructed by the label on the container
Wash Your Hands: Even if you wear gloves, be sure to give your hands a good and thorough scrub after handling pool water products



Storing Pool Water Products and Chemicals

Store in Locked and Ventilated Area: Having a designated area for your chemicals that can be locked is the best way to keep children and pets away from them.
Keep Away From Other Chemicals: Pool chemicals should generally never be stored in the garage where there are other chemicals present which they should not come in contact with, including gasoline, fertilizers and herbicides, grease, paint, turpentine, and other flammable materials
Practice Proper Storage: Never place oxidizers near acids, store liquids below solids or powders, and never place any pool water products above your head.

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The Long Term Benefits of Pool Exercise

Aquatic exercise has long been touted as being the most ideal form of exercise. Water provides just the right amount of natural resistance for swimmers and pool goers of all ages and stages, from the young and fit to the older and injured.  Whether swimming laps in your lap pool or performing aqua aerobics in your lagoon-inspired backyard oasis, these are just some of the long term benefits you can enjoy thanks to exercising in your pool:

The Long Term Benefits of Pool Exercise  | Aquapoolco Plus Gulfport MS

Better Endurance and Flexibility

Muscular endurance is a term used to describe your muscle’s ability to perform lengthy or strenuous work without growing tired.  Working out in the lap pool for even as little as 3 times a week can significantly improve your muscular endurance, no matter how old you may be. You’ll be able to keep moving for longer and, due to your strengthened muscles, be able to better avoid injury.

Improved Weight Management

Homeowners who turn their backyard oasis into a place to both work and play enjoy long term and sustainable weight loss.  Hitting the water a few times a week and even for as little as 10 to 20 minutes each session can have you burning some serious calories. To put it in perspective, for every 10 minutes of freestyle swimming you can burn up to 100 calories.


Drastically Increased Cardiovascular Fitness and Overall Health

Every time you get moving in the pool you’re giving yourself a full body workout. Swimming and other aquatic exercises use the majority of you large muscles and several of your ones, unlike most other activities which target specific muscle groups.  This increases the body’s oxygen requirements, which, with regular pool exercise, strengths your respiratory muscles, boosts your lung function, increases the elasticity of your blood vessels and makes your heart stronger.

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Above Ground Pool Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Pool Remodel

Thanks to the cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment available to professionals in the pool industry today, pool owners from all over the country can be enjoying cool pools of custom shapes and designs that cater to their tastes and lifestyles. From sleek luxury pools to backyard pond pools, here are some pool design ideas to inspire your next pool renovation.

Above Ground Pool Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Pool Remodel | Aquapoolco Gulfport, MS

Above Ground Cool Pools

The above ground pools of today are far more attractive than those of the past.  If you’re looking to dress up your above ground pool with a pool renovation, here are some ideas to get you started:

Creative Decking: A wooden deck is a staple for above ground pools, but for those looking to change things up, consider using stacked stone or molded and stamped concrete to give you above ground pool the appearance of being a private mountainside sanctuary

Unique Entries: Ditch the standard white steps and come up with your own unique entry designs. Long wooden stairs that wrap around the pool serve not only as steps to the pool but also a lounging and seating area

Attached Spas: Existing above ground cool pools can still have an “attached spa” through clever deck design and planning


Remodeling Tips for Above Ground Pools

A big advantage for having an above ground pool is that it’s not as permanent as an in-ground pool. This means that above ground pool owners have more remodeling options, including changing up or adding on new landscaping, decking, and outdoor kitchens, and more. Additionally, while above ground pools typically come in oval or round pool shapes, the shape varies, which allows homeowners to upgrade to bigger pools later on as their family grows.

We recommend starting with a few small changes and building upon them later throughout the year! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to help you!


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Breathtaking Above Ground Pool Design Trends for 2015

The year of 2015 has already begun dropping hints that it will be filled with exciting above ground pool design ideas and features that will take backyard pools to a whole new level. The great thing about above ground pools is that they provide a modern look and versatility that pool owners cannot get with a inground pool. Above ground pool owners can change up or add new features to their pool at any time without being limited by permanent features! If you’re planning your fantasy waterscape and hoping to remodel or build your perfect pool next year, here are some of the hottest trends that you can expect to see this:

Breathtaking Above Ground Pool Design Trends for 2015 | Aquapoolcoplus Gulfport Mississippi 1. Wood Decking

Because of its visual, modern appeal, wood decking is a popular choice for many above ground pool owners. An added benefit of choosing wood for your decking material is its ability to withstand moisture with the right treatment. Adding a paint or stain with an extra sealant can provide extra protection and enhance the overall look of your outdoor living space. Additionally, there are variety of styles of decking to choose from that can surround your pool entirely, just one side, or connect other pieces of your outdoor living space together such as your hot tub, patio, and outdoor kitchen.

Breathtaking Above Ground Pool Design Trends for 2015 | Aquapoolcoplus Gulfport Mississippi 2. Side Glass

One popular trend that adds an ultra-modern feel to an above ground pool is a side glass panel. This is a great addition that offers an extra layer of elegance, especially for modern houses or villas. The panel of glass enhances the look of an above ground pool so much that it doesn’t even seem like it’s an above ground pool at all.

 Breathtaking Above Ground Pool Design Trends for 2015 | Aquapoolcoplus Gulfport Mississippi3. Outer Frame Garden

A great advantage to an above ground pool is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your backyard. One way to enhance the overall look of your backyard and a new or existing above ground pool at the same time is by adding a outer frame garden. Choose a variety of colorful plants and flowers to surround your pool to make it a beautiful focal point in your backyard.

TIP: Choosing evergreen plants and flowers that do not drop leaves or blossoms and keep your pool space looking nice all year long without adding any extra clean up work for you.

 Breathtaking Above Ground Pool Design Trends for 2015 | Aquapoolcoplus Gulfport Mississippi4. Rock Garden Paths

Rock features are a cost effective way to greatly enhance the space around an above ground pool. Add smooth stones and river rocks three feet outward from the edge of the pool. The rocky layer will prevent weeds and grass from growing in the area while allowing splashed water to drain through to plants and flowers. Add bigger stones that provide a walkway for family and guests to walk out and enjoy the pool.

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Why Winter is the Best Time for New Pool Construction and Remodeling

The spring and summertime may seem like the ideal time of year to take on a pool construction project, but the cooler winter months are when you’ll be able to capitalize the most on your time and your budget.

 Why Winter is the Best Time for New Pool Construction and Remodeling | Aquapoolco Gulfport Mississippi1. Easier to Find The Best Contractors

The best contractors in the pool construction business are always busy during the summer months, meaning that they are often unavailable to build or remodel your pool. During the fall and winter, however, many of their clients have closed up their pools, making these pros available to make your dream pool project come true.


2. More Attention at a Lower Price

It’s all about supply and demand, and during the winter months, pool contractors and builders are far less busy with pool remodeling than during the warmer months. There are a number of benefits that come with contractors being more available to you:

  • Contractors have more time to spend with you on swimming pool design ideas
  • Many offer special rates to try and drum up business during the cooler months (and many building materials for pool construction are also on sale!)
  • Projects are completed more quickly as they have more time to devote to your project

Choosing to undergo a pool construction or pool remodeling project in the winter means greater potential savings, though even more importantly, more individualized attention which can result in a better quality pool.


3. Be Pool Ready for Spring

Inground pools in particular can be a time consuming project, sometimes taking weeks to complete. By starting your pool construction project in the winter months, you’re guaranteeing that the pool will be finished and ready for swimming when the warmer weather hits. Homeowners will have weeks to test out the pool and make any fixes or changes to their poolscape before the backyard barbeques and outdoor entertaining begins.

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Decorating Tips to Warm Your Pool Deck This Winter

Chilly winds and shorter days may be telling us that gardening season is over, but that doesn’t mean that your pool deck and patio need to become as dull and drab as gray winter skies. We have some quick tips on pool landscaping as well as patio and pool accessories that will help warm up your pool deck during these cooler months.

Decorating Tips to Warm Your Pool Deck This Winter | Aquapoolco Gulfport MississippiAdd Blasts of Color with Potted Plants

Despite the threat of frosts and freezes, it is still possible for homeowners to maintain the colorful leaves and petals that have delighted them throughout the spring and summer months. Some plants and flowers are more hardy in cooler temperatures (such as “mums” and Mystic Spires Blue salvia), but even springtime perennials may stay fresh and attractive until the first frost when kept in containers. If possible, move any potted plants closer to the home and keep them undercover. When the first frost threatens, place plastic sheets or light blankets over less resilient plants overnight.

TIP:  Incorporate winter vegetables like ornamental kale, cabbage, squash and beets into your pool landscaping for colorful – and delicious – poolside foliage!


Explore Your Fire Options

Fireplaces are an ideal piece to almost everyone’s outdoor living ideas, but not everyone has the budget or the desire to keep up with one. Fire bowls and fire pits are two pool accessories that sure to delight guests and cast a warm glow across your autumnal outdoor decor, though there are other ways for homeowners to creatively (and inexpensively) incorporate fire features around the yard, such as strategically placing wrought-iron lanterns with flickering LED candles around the pool and patio area at night.

TIP: Fire isn’t the only way to warm up the pool deck this fall. Low voltage lighting and string lights are two ways to add both ambiance and enjoyment to your outdoor living space.


Incorporate New Textures and Colors

From neutral shades to blazing orange and red tones, deck and pool accessories that features these classic fall colors are a surefire way to heat up your outdoor living area. Another way to build additional visual warmth to your outdoor living area is to explore new and interesting textures, such as rattan furniture and baskets, woven designs, leather and even flannel.

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How to Create Warm Living Space in Your Backyard for the Holidays

As we say goodbye to the long days and welcome cooler nights, a lot of homeowners are looking for ways to extend the life of their outdoor living space for the holidays. After all, a drop in temperature doesn’t mean that you need to pack up and head inside. From pool lights to pool heaters to cozy “hot spots,” these outdoor living ideas are sure to create a warm and welcoming backyard:

How to Create Warm Living Space in Your Backyard for the Holidays | Aquapoolco Gulfport Mississippi

Pool Lights and Pool Heaters: To Extend Swim Season

Pool heaters are a must have if you want to encourage yourself and others to take a dip during the cooler fall and winter months. The other important element to extending swim season: pool lighting. Pool lights serve two purposes: they’re functional (keeping swimmers safe even when it’s dark) and they light up the entire backyard. Your pool is already the major focal point of your backyard during the day. By installing LEDs or fiber optic lights, you can continue to have your pool be the center of attention and twinkle like the stars above it. Explore your lighting options to find which will work best for you during the holidays, such as festive “singing” lights, color changing LEDs and dazzling fiber optics.


Patio Heaters and Soft Seating: For Comfortable and Cozy Outdoor Spaces

A soft place to land is always a welcoming sight, so by including plush or overstuffed outdoor-friendly furniture to your patio area, you’ll go a long way in creating an inviting spot for friends and family to hang out and enjoy while outside. Patio heaters will keep the area toasty and warm, though be sure to include some fuzzy throw blankets for guests to snuggle and warm themselves with.


Fire Features: For Dazzling Excitement

There are many outdoor decor options that homeowners can take advantage of to warm up their outdoor living space, but none is as effective as fire features. Fire features such as fire pits, fireplaces and fire bowls not only make your backyard appear warmer, but the thrill that they bring will be sure to beckon friends and family members outside and to the pool or patio.

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