Outdoor Living: Capture Your Best Summer Memories

Capture your best summer memories


Summer goes by in a flash. Before you know it, the kids are heading back to school and the crisp air of fall starts to take over. So why not make the most of this precious summer season by maximizing your outdoor family time? As an extra benefit, being outdoors on sunny summer days helps boost serotonin levels which enhance your mood, meaning that outdoor play isn’t just great fun and a special time for creating memories, but will also help increase your energy level and overall happiness. So soak up the sun (in moderation and with sunscreen, of course) and capture the precious moments of each sunshiny opportunity. Here are a few ideas to help

Celebrate Anything

You don’t have to have a reason, an event or special occasion to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Invite everyone over, toss something on the grill, splash around in the pool or make up some fun yard games but enjoy the special time together. Everyday life can get so busy that we don’t always take the time we should to just enjoy those closest to us. So whatever the excuse, celebrate family and friends. Celebrate life.

Capture Every Moment

Have a camera or cell phone with camera capabilities at the ready and snap away! Ask friends and family to do the same and share photos. The kids can even get in on the fun which is a great way to get a child’s perspective and some insight into those elements that they’ve enjoyed or found exceptionally special. Taking videos is another fun way to capture everyone’s antics and add to the memory mix. You’re the paparazzi and your guests are the stars.


Take the time to look back at all those special moments that made your summer special. Create photo albums or collages, print out pictures for framing or send to guests as a special “remembering the fun” sort of gift. Not only have you had a wonderfully fun summer, but you’ve made memories that will last a lifetime.

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