Outdoor Dining in Style!

Everyone loves spending the long, lazy days of summer hanging out in the pool. Whether the whole family has gathered for a spirited game of water volleyball or you are simply lounging on a float in the Mississippi sun with an ice-cold drink in-hand, who wants the fun to end just because it’s mealtime? The pool area is the perfect place to enjoy laid-back summer meals, and here are 3 great options for poolside dining in style!

A traditional patio table and chairs.

The Traditional Patio Table

As perfect for upscale entertaining as for savoring some orange juice and a morning bagel, the traditional patio table and chairs are a backyard staple. Outdoor dining sets can be had at just about every price point and come in a wide array of materials from wood to wicker, glass or metal. From a huge trestle table with long bench seats to a tiny table for two, there is a shape and size to fit every space and accommodate any number of guests.

For comfortable dining beside your pool or spa, a traditional patio table and chairs can’t be beat. More than ever before, today’s outdoor dining furniture is thoughtful designed with ultimate relaxation in mind and is available with super plush, weather resistant cushions in myriad great looking styles for every taste. With matching outdoor couches, coffee tables and lounge chairs, it’s easy to coordinate an entire outdoor living area to entice family and friends year-round!

A cool outdoor bar with stools built along the edge of a pool deck.

Bar Seating

The rising popularity of the outdoor kitchen can be credited with the introduction of bar seating. Usually built into the back side or side of an outdoor kitchen, bar seating most often consists of counter-height stools arranged side-by-side and is perfect for casual dining. Bar seating offers guests the ability to interact with the cook and even a comfortable place to sit while assisting in meal preparation. Line the kids up to chow down on hotdogs served fresh from the grill, or spread the bar with assorted appetizers for hosting easy minglers. Common outdoor kitchen features like refrigerators, wine coolers, and even kegerators also make a bar a perfect, fun place to serve and enjoy your favorite beverages.

An Old-Fashioned Picnic

Perhaps best of all, why not spread an old quilt right in the grass or on the deck beside the pool and enjoy an old-fashioned picnic? No matter what is served, there is something personal and fun about sharing a picnic meal with family or friends. Make it a cherished tradition by using a designated family picnic blanket and investing in a picnic basket packed with special plates, cups and utensils. Just be prepared: there is something about a picnic blanket spread on the ground that seems to invite tickles and hugs!

All three of these poolside dining options create exciting new opportunities for entertaining or just privately enjoying your outdoor environment. You will be amazed by how they can increase the usefulness of your space as well and extend your enjoyment of it year-round.

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