Keep Your Pool Extra Safe With These Pool Safety Features


When it comes to pool accessories, safety features need to be a top priority.  From keeping children and pets safe to even reducing the amount of maintenance you need to perform on your pool, all outdoor living spaces can benefit from these top pool safety features.

Pool Cover
A properly installed firm top pool cover is the best way to keep children, pets, and wildlife safe and out of your pool.  Often referred to as pool safety covers, these covers are year-round pool covers that are able to support any weight, meaning that children or animals who may crawl on top of the cover won’t instantly sink and become entrapped in it.  Other benefits of a pool cover:

  • Reduced water evaporation
  • Reduced heating expenses
  • Significantly less debris
  • A pool that stays chemically balanced for longer and requires less maintenance

Drain Covers
Every year a story hits the news about a child unnecessary becoming entrapped in a drain and being seriously injured or losing his or her life.  Having a drain cover properly installed will keep smaller swimmers safe and protected from your pool’s powerful suction.

Any pool or spa outdoor living spaces must be contained within an closed area, such as a fence.  Even small backyard ideas can include attractive fencing options that will compliment their landscaping and the architecture of their home.  When planning your enclosure, remember:

  • The enclosure should include a self-closing and self-latching gate
  • The height of the fence must meet municipal code requirements (this may vary from county to county), though a minimum height of 5 feet is ideal
  • Enclosures do not replace the need for adult supervision

There are a number of pool accessories designed to make your enclosed area even safer, such as gate alarm and water motion detectors.


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