How Children Benefit From Swimming

benefits of swimming in childrenThe amazing thing about swimming is that children of any age, size or disability can do it. There’s nothing limiting about being in the water. The important thing is to really understand how children can benefit from swimming and then incorporate it into their daily/weekly/monthly routine and see just how much it positively affects them.

Safety is one of the most important reasons why swimming should be a part of a child’s lifestyle. The sobering fact is drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death in children. By teaching children to swim at an early age, they’ll not only become stronger swimmers and gain valuable experience in the water, it will also greatly reduce the risk of an aquatic emergency.

While childhood obesity remains at 17 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s important to be proactive in our children’s lives. Swimming is an excellent way to incorporate fun exercise and activity into a child’s routine. As an excellent cardiovascular workout, swimming promotes healthy heart and lungs, increases stamina and improves strength. Since childhood obesity has been linked to juvenile diabetes, the CDC recommends swimming as one of the ways in which children can have fun getting and staying healthy.

Swimming has also been related to positive mental and emotional health, an important tool in combating childhood depression. Since the natural buoyancy of water is more relaxing than other types of exercise, people tend to stay in longer releasing more endorphins, your natural feel-good compounds.  It also stimulates brain chemicals and affects serotonin levels that influence mood and produce the stress-reducing hormone ANP, the brain’s response to stress and anxiety.

However you incorporate swimming into your child’s life – as regular exercise or just plain fun time in the backyard pool – the benefits are endless and they’ll feel better because of it.

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