Gulfport Backyard Living Ideas: DIY Outdoor Decorations

Spruce up your Mississippi backyard living environment with these quick and easy DIY decorating ideas!

Backyard decorations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  With the right materials and a bit of creativity, you can bring the backyard of your dreams to life with simple decorations, like these below:

Personalized Planters

There are a number of fantastic DIY planter ideas that you can incorporate to match the mood and style of your patio area.  Stacked tires can easily be painted any colour and any design, and then turned into beautiful larger-sized planters.  Old watering cans and woven baskets can be repurposed.  For smaller plants, terra cotta planters can quickly and easily be painted, sprayed, or have left over fabric or materials applied with glue to create one of a kind, eye catching flower pots and planters.

If you’re looking for a smaller little planter, you can make a three-tier succulent planter after spending a few bucks at the dollar store.  All you need are three bowls or plates (of varying sizes) and two glass cups.  Securely glue the glass cups between each level so that you have three plates “stacked” on top of one another.  You can then add rocks, wood, or soil and plant herbs and other lovely succulents.

Crafty Walkways

Walkways are a great addition to any garden, while rocks or large stones are theMississippi Backyard Living Ideas | Aqua Pool Co Plus easiest, you can also take apart an unused pallet or pallets and then use the wooden slats to create a lovely wooden walkway (make sure that you weather treat the wood prior to laying it on any outside surface to help keep it in tip top shape).

Hanging Birdbaths

This is another simple craft that you can whip up with materials found at your local dollar store.  All you need is an imitation nest or grapevine wreath, a bowl or the bottom of a terra cotta pot that will nicely fit in the nest, and some twine.  Place the bowl in the center of the nest or wreath.  Then, simply cut four lengths of twine and tie that twine around each quarter of the wreath.  Bring each of the lengths together at the top.  Now you can easily hang the bird bath and enjoy watching the robins, chickadees and other local birds reveling in this refreshing decorative piece.

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