Gorgeous Garden Paths to Update Your Backyard

Mississippi Backyard Living Ideas | Aqua Pool Co PlusGarden paths are one of the most popular landscape ideas because they add functionality and beauty to any and all backyard design ideas.  Best of all, they don’t have to be expensive and labor-intensive.  You can save both time and money by creating any one of the following garden paths to your backyard, starting with:

For Natural Settings:  Mulch Paths

Economical and natural, this soft type of path blends right in with the backdrop that mother nature has already given us.  As mulch is lighter than stone, it’s easier to haul and spread this type of material around your garden, and it’s also less expensive than gravel or stone.

There are two considerations that homeowners must make before including mulch paths in with their landscaping ideas, however:

1)    Mulch will degrade overtime and need to be replaced

2)    Since mulch is absorbent, it shouldn’t be used in areas that are frequently wet or have poor drainage

For Formal Gardens:  Gravel

Washed gravel, crushed shells or crushed stone are a staple choice for anyone looking for a more formal and long-lasting garden path.  The only thing that a homeowner may need to do is weed the area to keep their garden path looking its best.

TIP: If you plan on running a lawn mower or wheelbarrow along the path, opt for crushed stone above smooth pebbles.

For Fast and Decorative Paths: Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are amongst the most popular when it comes to backyard design ideas because they’re fast and easy given that there’s little digging involved and they can be created on a tight budget.  You can either choose actual stone, or you can make more modern stepping stone paths using 1-foot round of square concrete patio blocks.

TIP:  Include hardy perennial plants in with your landscape ideas when choosing stepping stones.  Planting these plants between your stones will create a more attractive and long lasting pathway that will continue to look lush year after year.  Consider planting Brass

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