Get Fit Fast with These 3 Effective Pool Workouts

Get Fit Fast with These 3 Effective Pool Workouts | Aqua Pool Co Gulfport MSIf phoning hours in at the gym isn’t your idea of having fun while getting fit, jump into the pool! Water is quite possibly the best fitness tool for athletes of any level as it provides resistance (which strengthens muscles and increases your cardio intensity) and it sports your weight so you’ll be able to work out hard without putting so much stress on your joints. These 3 pool workouts are excellent for everyone of any fitness level and swimming ability, starting with:


Swimming is the ultimate fat burner since it forces every single muscle in you body – including you heart – to work incredibly hard. Whether it’s the breast stroke, side stroke, or the front crawl that you’re using to glide across the pool, all of the above when done for even as little as 15 minutes a day will help you burn anywhere from 200 to 500 calories.

TIP:  Forget the strokes you learned as a kid? Consider taking a summer swimming class with other adults to refresh your memory.


Pool Planks

Not keen on swimming? Then try the next best thing: pool planks. On land, planks can be incredibly hard on your upper body. But once you enter the water, that all changes. Now you’re able to focus solely on strengthening your abdominal muscles while putting minimal stress on your arms, shoulder, and upper back. Simply stand on the pool floor, hold a pool noodle in both of your hands, and press it down. Lean forward until your body is on an incline and hold for as long as you can (start off with a goal of 20 seconds and work your way up from there).

Zig Zag Jogs

If you’re looking to really boost you cardio without swimming, try this on for size: run in a zig zag pattern from one end of your pool to the other. Turn around, and then run straight through all of the different currents you’ve made until you reach the other end.  Try doing this for 3 minutes, and then switch it up with an exercise that’s less cardio intensive, such as a pool plank.

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