Five Benefits of Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools do not deserve their second-class reputation. Nearly all homeowners can get just as much out of an above ground pool as they would an in-ground one. In fact, particular property situations can make above ground pools much more useful and appealing than an in-ground pool for many homeowners.

To set the record straight and emphasize why anyone should be proud to own an above ground pool, here are the benefits they offer compared to their in-ground cousins:

Lower Cost

First and foremost, above ground pools are more affordable. The materials used to build them are sturdy, yet inexpensive. They also tend to have less hidden costs over time that can arise from unintended installation complications or maintenance problems. In general, an above ground pool will save you thousands both immediately and in the long run over its lifespan.

Easier to Install

In-ground pool installation usually means several different crews. You have excavators, concrete pourers, liner installers, electricians, specialty equipment needs and several other different jobs to take care of before the pool is complete. The time from groundbreaking to the first day you get to use the pool can be weeks or longer.

Above ground pools install rapidly using kits. The process usually takes one to three days, but in some instances homeowners can be swimming in their pool that very same night. On top of all this, above ground pools have many more options for installation in terms of placement because their footprint is not as large or permanent.

No Disruption to Your Yard

An in ground pool is about as permanent of a property decision as adding an addition to your house. Removing and filling in the pool is not usually a practical option, so homeowners that need flexibility will have to consider an above ground pool instead.

Removing an above ground pool is just as quick as installing it. Aside from a temporary bare patch, your property will be back to the way it was. This flexibility encourages some homeowners to move their above ground pool when an opportunity for better outdoor area design.

Warmer Water

The vast majority of people do not look forward to jumping in a chilly pool. Above ground pools usually receive more sunlight, and their exposure to the air means that they change temperatures quicker to match the temperature outside. In ground pools are constantly cooled by the lower soil temperatures, which take far longer to adjust.

Less Red Tape

Many counties do not require homeowners to file a permit for above ground pool installation unless they are going to be partially buried. Even counties that do will generally have a less intensive inspection and certification process than is required of an in-ground installation.

Even better, above ground pools do not change your property values, so your property taxes are not raised as a consequence of wanting to have a little fun.

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons to consider whether an above ground pool installation is right for your personal needs. They do not work for everyone, but countless people can attest to their satisfaction and enjoyment of their above ground pool. Take a look at our models available to get an idea of what above ground pool you could be splashing around in next summer.


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