Features of a Kid Friendly Pool in Mississippi

shutterstock_57271375-300x177The kids, grand kids, and the children of friends and neighbors from around the neighborhood are all good reasons to build a kid-friendly pool. Below are some of the hottest kid tested and approve pool accessories and features for kids pools:

Pool Slides

Pool slides are a classic and staple accessory for kids pools. Today’s water slides aren’t your typical straight white or aquamarine plastic slide, however; pools can now be incorporated into rocky grotto schemes, can include unexpected twists and drops, and feature unexpected waterfalls that send a cascade of water over you before they even reach the pool. Add a cave to that rocky grotto and you have yourself a pool that will have kids begging to come over to your home.

Water Features

As mentioned, waterfalls are a huge hit with kids as they not only provide a whole new water element that they can play with and around, but it inspires creativity and allows children to indulge their imagination. However, waterfalls aren’t the only swimming pool design feature that are a huge hit with youngsters. Deck jets, bubblers, and fountains are all beloved water features that will provide hours of extra fun and play.

Swimming Pool Design

The best kids pools are those that are designed to accommodate a variety of different swimming strengths and comforts. Older children who are strong swimmers and want to dive right in will greatly appreciate a deeper pool (8 feet or so), while younger kids will appreciate a gradual entry or a tanning ledge. Tanning ledges are another way for homeowners to incorporate a shallow kid and adult-friendly area in the pool so guests can still partake in the fun and conversation without taking a dip.

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