Easy Ways to Keep Your Pool Cool in the Summer Heat in Mississippi

Easy Ways to Keep Your Pool Cool in the Summer Heat in Mississippi | Aqua Pool Co Gulfport MS

Is there anything more relaxing and luxurious than lounging in cool pools on a hot summer’s day? Unfortunately, given how the temperature can skyrocket to extreme heat in this area, these cool pools that we dream of enjoying can feel more like a tepid or warm bath. We have some quick water solutions that will keep your pool water refreshing and cool on even the hottest of days, starting with:

Keep Your Pool Cool by Running Your Pump in the Evening

The primary cause behind warm pool water is lack of circulation. When the pool water’s been sitting there all day untouched and unmoved, it’s spent a fair amount of time absorbing and retaining the heat of the summer sun. By running your pump more frequently, you’ll be able to chill those pool waters by a few degrees.

BONUS: If you’re on the market for a new pool pump, consider installing a reverse-cycle heat pump. These pumps allow you to cool and heat your pool on demand.


Install a Fountains and Water Features

Not only do water features like fountains bring a sense of beautiful and tranquility to the pool, but they can even accelerate and maintain the temperature of cool pools! Much like the pump, be sure to run the fountains and other water features at night so that the cool evening air will circulate with the pool water, thus helping you drastically reduce your pool’s temperature overnight.


Invest in a Solar Heating System

Contrary to what some may think, cool pools can be kept even cooler with a solar heating system.  How? As your pool water swooshes through the solar panels, the heat in the water radiates upwards towards the cooler night air and will help reduce you pool temperature.

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