Decorating Tips to Warm Your Pool Deck This Winter

Chilly winds and shorter days may be telling us that gardening season is over, but that doesn’t mean that your pool deck and patio need to become as dull and drab as gray winter skies. We have some quick tips on pool landscaping as well as patio and pool accessories that will help warm up your pool deck during these cooler months.

Decorating Tips to Warm Your Pool Deck This Winter | Aquapoolco Gulfport MississippiAdd Blasts of Color with Potted Plants

Despite the threat of frosts and freezes, it is still possible for homeowners to maintain the colorful leaves and petals that have delighted them throughout the spring and summer months. Some plants and flowers are more hardy in cooler temperatures (such as “mums” and Mystic Spires Blue salvia), but even springtime perennials may stay fresh and attractive until the first frost when kept in containers. If possible, move any potted plants closer to the home and keep them undercover. When the first frost threatens, place plastic sheets or light blankets over less resilient plants overnight.

TIP:  Incorporate winter vegetables like ornamental kale, cabbage, squash and beets into your pool landscaping for colorful – and delicious – poolside foliage!


Explore Your Fire Options

Fireplaces are an ideal piece to almost everyone’s outdoor living ideas, but not everyone has the budget or the desire to keep up with one. Fire bowls and fire pits are two pool accessories that sure to delight guests and cast a warm glow across your autumnal outdoor decor, though there are other ways for homeowners to creatively (and inexpensively) incorporate fire features around the yard, such as strategically placing wrought-iron lanterns with flickering LED candles around the pool and patio area at night.

TIP: Fire isn’t the only way to warm up the pool deck this fall. Low voltage lighting and string lights are two ways to add both ambiance and enjoyment to your outdoor living space.


Incorporate New Textures and Colors

From neutral shades to blazing orange and red tones, deck and pool accessories that features these classic fall colors are a surefire way to heat up your outdoor living area. Another way to build additional visual warmth to your outdoor living area is to explore new and interesting textures, such as rattan furniture and baskets, woven designs, leather and even flannel.

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