Create a Healthy and Safe Pool for Your Family and Pets

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Let’s face it, when Americans say they consider their pets part of the family, they aren’t joking. And if your four-legged family members are used to being in the thick of things, it makes sense to design your pool with your pets in mind. Creating a pool that is inviting to humans and still safe for pets will increase your family’s enjoyment now and in the future.

How Pets Impact Your Pool
People track oil, dirt, hair, and more into the pool with them, but an average sized dog brings about three times the debris into the pool as a single human being. The amount of unclean stuff increases exponentially if the dog primarily lives outdoors, or if multiple dogs use the pool. So how do you keep your pool safe and clean for everyone to use?

  • You’ll likely wind up adding more chemicals. Hair, dirt, and yes, fecal matter, all raise pH levels, which in turn allows bacteria to grow in the water. You’ll need to test your water and add chemicals more frequently in order to prevent water-borne illness.
  • You should consider upgrading filter and pump systems. Using a pump system that rapidly filters water will quickly remove impurities from your pool, which will cut down on the amount of chemicals you need to use. Variable speed pumps and other technological innovations can help you save money on operating costs. Large capacity cartridge filters and “eco-friendly” filters also tend to catch more debris than average filters do, too.
  • Your pool will benefit from oversized or multiple skimmer baskets. Most private pools have only a single, small skimmer basket for water to pass through on its way to the filtration system. These quickly become clogged with debris. Consider having more than one entry point for water or using a bigger skimmer basket to allow water to move freely.
  • A pet groomer can save you money and frustration. Keeping your pet’s fur close-cropped and well brushed will cut down on shedding and on the amount of dirt and debris they track into the pool. This will directly impact how well your filter and chemicals keep your pool clean.

How Pools Impact Your Pet
Pool chemicals can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy, cause damage to your hair, and make your eyes red and irritated, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that your pet will experience all of these things, too. That’s why it makes sense to thoroughly rinse off your pet, just as you rinse off your own body and swimwear after getting out of the pool.

Pools can also lead to tragedy for pets. Make sure that your pet not only has a way to jump in but that they can get out without assistance, perhaps using steps or a ramp. You can buy life jackets for pets who aren’t good swimmers. It’s also a smart idea to secure your pool with fencing or a pool cover that won’t collapse if a pet or human accidentally falls in. Pool surface alarms float in the water and make a loud noise if someone or something falls into your pool.


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