Common Misconceptions about Hot Tub Care

Owning a hot tub is the dream of many people. They represent fun, romance, excitement, luxury and an overall classy way of life. What many people don’t take into account, however, is the proper means by which to care for your hot tub once it’s installed—you can’t just cover it up and use it when you like. There are, however, a lot of myths about how to care for hot tubs. Here are five common misconceptions about hot tub care.

Household Bleach

If anyone tells you that you can use household bleach to sanitize your hot tub or clean the cover, discount that advice immediately. This is a very bad idea—standard bleach like you’d use in laundry can cause serious damage to your finish, can deteriorate the media in your filter and cause damage to the cover as well as bleaching the underside. Test your water’s pH level frequently and use a thermo-cover blanket.


This may sound crazy (and it is!), but some people believe that adding antifreeze to your hot tub is actually a helpful thing to do. Let’s be blunt: antifreeze is highly toxic and can be absorbed right through your skin. It’s also nigh impossible to completely flush from your system after you add it. There are proper procedures to winterize your tub—don’t just dump antifreeze into the water.

Chlorine and Eye Burning

If your eyes are burning when you’re in the hot tub, it’s not necessarily due directly to the chlorine. Rather, it’s due to the pH balance being off. The more acidic or alkaline the water is, the more caustic the water will become to eyes and skin. You need a certain level of chlorine in the hot tub water, but check the pH levels regularly to keep everything clear and balanced.

The Ozonator

An ozonator can be a useful addition to your hot tub, but it’s no substitute for chemically balancing your water levels. When injected into water, ozone only lasts about 15 minutes, so while it can be a refreshing addition, it’s just not as effective as a standard sanitizing system. Used in conjunction with chemicals, the ozonator can reduce the amount of chemicals you need by up to a quarter.

The Filter and the Dishwasher

Many people think that running the filter through your dishwasher can get the dirt and grime out of it, allowing it to function just like new. In fact, this will decrease the effectiveness of your filter overall and can even completely ruin it. Your dishwasher’s high heat is bad for the filter. When you need to clean it, just soak it in proper cleaning solution for a couple of hours, then rinse.

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