Brighten Up Your Outdoor Living Space with These Pool Lighting Options

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Living Space with These Pool Lighting Options | Aquapoolco Above Ground Pools Gulfport Mississippi

Pool lights aren’t only necessary for safe nighttime swimming, but they can completely transform your outdoor living space at night. Though one of the more expensive pool accessories, choose the right type of lighting and you’ll quickly agree that it is a worthwhile investment.

Above Ground Pool Lights

Above ground lighting is less expensive than inground lights, and can be incorporated into a number of outdoor decor and design ideas:

  • Floating Pool Lights: Often LED lights, these lights are incredibly bright and are a great way to add some sparkle to your pool.  As they do move around, however, they aren’t ideal when it comes to even light distribution and safety. There are many different types of floating pool lights to choose from, including disco light and fountain options that can really provide a beautiful effect.
  • Magnetic Lights: Best for soft sided swimming pools, these lights are the better safety lighting option for above ground pool lights. These lights are easy to install and illuminate the entire pool at an economical cost.

Don’t forget that the lighting around your pool also plays a large role in bringing your home and garden to life at night. Get creative with themes and colors this holiday season and have fun with string lights, flickering LEDs and more.

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