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March is the perfect month to get your backyard ready for our Mississippi summers. The decisions you make can deeply influence your lifestyle and your pocketbook. We came accross and article from Better Homes and Gardens that brings up some great points when considering an above ground pool vs. and in-ground pool.

Above Ground Pool vs. In-Ground Pool
Better Homes and Gardens

Constructing or installing a pool may seem overwhelming with so many options and decisions. Here are the issues to consider to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

A pool is a major investment, in many ways. You’ll need to invest cash, of course, but also time, energy, and yard space. In this portion of the Pool and Spa Guide, we’ll look at the key questions that you’ll need to answer before you make these investments

Things to Consider:

  • How much pool can I afford?
  • Is my yard suited to a pool?
  • What zoning restrictions do I face?
  • Who should install my pool and how long will it take?
  • What should I know about safety and insurance?

above-ground-poolAbove-Ground Pools

Because these pools are installed rather than built they are more economical than in-ground pools to purchase.

The most basic above-ground pools, requiring no filtration equipment — also called splasher pools — will run as little as a few hundred dollars to $1000 for more substantial models.

Larger, more elaborate above-ground pools with filtration equipment will cost between $1,000-$8,000, excluding extras like decking, landscaping and accessories.

in-ground-poolIn-Ground Pools

Design and construction costs make in-ground pools more expensive to build.

In-ground pools with minimal patio surrounding and basic fencing start around $20,000.
More elaborate designs will run between $40,000 to $100,000+. Choice of pool design and building materials, patio materials, landscaping, lighting and extra features such as spas or fountains determine the cost.

At Aqua Pool Co, we can help you in your decision between above ground pool vs. in-ground pool. While we do sell quality above ground pools, we also help our customers maintain the in-ground pools. It’s a personal decision based on your budget and backyard. Our friendly staff is here to help. Stop by your Gulfport pool and spa supply store today!

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