A Helpful Checklist for Opening Your Pool in the Spring

What's Your Pool Shape Personality? | AquaPoolCo Above Ground Pools Gulport MississippiAs the air outside begins to turn from cool and crisp to warm and inviting, a number of families have opening their pool for the spring on their minds. Below is a quick checklist that will help ensure that your pool maintenance duties are kept to a minimum while still maintaining crystal clear pool water.

Step 1: Remove & Store the Pool Cover
Get rid of any debris or water that may be sitting on top of your winter cover. Clean the cover, allow it to fully dry, and then stow it away until next winter.

Step 2: Remove Debris
With a skimmer net or leaf rake, remove any leaves or other pieces of debris from the pool water. For silt, sludge, or other debris that has sunken to the bottom of the pool, use the vacuum or automatic pool cleaner.

Step 3: Check Your Equipment
Springtime pool maintenance is a great time to give your equipment a good, thorough check to ensure it’s all ready for the upcoming summer season. Take a close look at the:

  • Skimmer
  • Returns
  • Hoses
  • Any fittings
  • Your pump
  • Filtration system (if using a sand filter, top it off with the appropriate kind of medium if necessary and for DE or cartridge filters, furnish this equipment with the necessary refills)
  • Heater

Be on the look out for any signs of wear and tear, hairline cracks, or other damage and repair or replace as necessary.

Step 4: Attach Your Equipment
Hook up any hoses, fittings and components.

Step 5: Check Your Water Levels
Your pool should be filled at least to mid-skimmer level prior to you turning on your filtration system. Do a walk around and look for any signs of leakage, paying particular attention to the fittings and hoses before turning on your system, and again afterwards.

Step 6: Check Your Pool Water
The final essential check: your pool water chemistry. This includes testing the pool’s total alkalinity, pH, and cyanuric acid levels prior to adding chemicals to balance the pool to determine how much of what chemical is needed.

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