7 Signs You Should Invest in a Swimming Pool Remodel

pool remodel

If you’re unsatisfied with your pool or staring out at it and feel as if it’s missing a certain je ne sais quoi, then you’re pool is likely a good candidate for a pool remodel.  Here are 7 signs that clearly show that you’re in need of a swimming pool renovation this spring or summer:

1. Make It Your Own

Should you have purchased a home with a pool already in the backyard, then it likely was customized to meet the preferences of the previous tenants.  Some quick and easy pool renovations can turn that pond of water into your own personalized sanctuary.

2. Matching your Backyard Atmosphere

If you have the same pool from 10 or 20 years ago, there’s a good chance that your backyard looks a lot more updated than your pool and that your swimming pool is in desperate need of a pool remodel.

3. Updating and Upgrading Features

Hot new pool features are one of the top reasons why pool owners consider a swimming pool remodel.  Fairly economical compared to other renovations, adding or altering the current features of you pool can keep it looking fresh and updated.

4. Improving your Finish

One of the top pool remodeling ideas is the finish of the pool. This is a fairly easy way to make a drastic change to your swimming pool and patio area without completely changing your backyard.

5. Safety Improvements

Safety precautions are always a worthwhile pool remodel.  If you don’t already have a 5 foot fence with a self latching and closing gate surrounding your pool, add one.  Consider adding an alarm as well for additional security.

6. Save Money

Yes, a swimming pool remodel can actually save you money, particularly if you’re switching to a more energy efficient pool pump (these use anywhere from 30-45% less energy than a standard pump) or adding a pool cover to reduce heating costs and reduce water loss.

7. Encourage Friend and Family Gatherings

Having a more “people friendly” swimming pool that includes a beach entry and shallow area, or that has a nearby patio, is a great remodeling idea to encourage the interaction between family and friends.


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